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  1. It would be great if u add a crossbow and a new eb
  2. No. NE;NS add some effort then I will give some more feedback
  3. The new eb should be when u have to fight the girl on the cover of the app
  4. What....we alReady fought and killed that girl
  5. You already do that noob it's princess Arkosa
  6. How many times must we fight the cover girl !!!!!
  7. The kaw girl dont like me anymore after i took her to a nice chicken dinner and didnt call her back
  8. She's not even strong! It's just her castle and arachnid minion
  9. New equips are already coming. Scrag the Bloodless is still an incomplete EB series.
  10. No the new eb should be when she returns out of her ashes and try's to take over your kingdom and u have to defend it
  11. I already have a of the reset weapons
  12. And maybe a new armor that is fire armor
  13. Or a machine gun in the time where there was No banks
  14. There is 2 crossbows: The reset one and the fang one.
    Fire armor already exists as well

    Theres no need for more equips
  15. Jet boots, laser pistols, grenade, X-ray glasses...
  16. There should be a salami cannon
  17. Yes there should be and the fire armor has flames coming out of it