[NEW ITEMS] - Dragon's Breath, Smog Screen

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  1. I personally liked the new pots. But O well
  2. Well thanks for trying at least. But next time think about changes like this before making them please. Mmkai?
  3. [​IMG]

    Great job dev's ....... great job. Yet another amazing update that no one wanted or asked for. What will you come up with next? Free prostate exams for everyone?
  4. I got 358 bb back, that equals 8.055 bil. I spent 9 bil to get 1k of those spy def pots.
    Devs please recheck math
  5. What happen I spent in gold and got back
  7. Still haven't gotten this bronze bar refund you promised
  8. Spent 90 bill and got nothing in return ÓźĖWould rather have the pots
  9. I have no refund?????? ..
  10. Whoever did this was a desperate attempt to legitimize the smoke signals/smithing series. That EB has so much fail, spy heavy, crap equipment and no drops...

    Now add a fail pot to that series lol
  11. I liked the new pots even tho they was a bit over priced for the stats but nvm... thanks anyway dev's
  12. Overpriced? Lol

    They cut thru towers like nothing
  13. UPDATE

    For the war, the pots will have no effect, to prevent them unbalancing the war.
    It will look like you have used them, but when you go back to your inventory the number will remain the same.


    Everyone will be refunded for the pots they had at 4 PM PDT.

    The refund will be issued as Bronze Bars.

    The final refund will be 100% of what you spent on the pots, AFTER you sell the Bronze Bars.

    If you sell your Bronze Bars you will end up with the same gold you used to buy the pots.

    Bronze Bars are being given out instead of gold to prevent it being stolen during wars or while inactive.
  14. And part of the bars I already had. Was trying to upgrade land but gots pots instead. Come home from work and see I got gold bars not leading up to a full refund. Thats sad.
  15. Wasn't 4 pm PDT nearly 3 hours ago?
  16. Awesome idea in refunding in bb so those in osw don't lose it!
  17. Maybe devs got high and lost track of time.. Gotta be in order to come up with this ****
  18. Was there a timeline to the refund? I'm Not showing the pots or the replacement bb.
  19. Maybe they meant tomorrow?
  20. This reminds me of a story about a monkey and a football...
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