New iOS KaW App Coming Soon

Discussion in 'Past Announcements' started by [ATA]Grant, Nov 10, 2016.

  1. I received crystals on every account nice to see after there were none given last event. At least Grant has conversed through this thread. He won't answer some things as of course if there's no good answer why try to give one!
  2. Thanks Grant for the update I received crystals well before the actual update.
  3. Heads up, it seems that for many players they actually did receive the rewards earlier than expected before updating. It would be a message thanking you for using the most up to date version of the game.

    If you got that, you're all set, but you should still update as you'll need to to keep playing the game in the near future.
  4. So they got rewarded for using the latest app before they had it? Smoove moves. :lol:
  5. In some cases yes. Others already claimed the 5 xtals by playing PC or Android before updating as well, as this is the same shared 5 Xtals. (i.e.:theres no way to get it from both sources)
  6. Where has she gone??
    New start up photo is pants
  7. Grant I didn't receive any Xtals.
  8. Didnt get it to waiting on multiple acct's
  9. Updated got no xtals, went on pc, still no xtals
  10. Upgrade on iOS yesterday, didn't get xtals.
  11. No xtals for me ;(
  12. Everyone got xtals you just may not have noticed it.
  13. This is true, I contacted devs and I actually got mine I early just didn't notice with the amount of xtals I already had
  14. Im sure its already been said but that new app has one damn ugly logo. Can we put the current apps pic on it i mean damn
  15. I'm quite sure it will be changed, although I do like the retro art
  16. What does this update actually do?

    Nm found reason 5 pages back... for new company name and fiscal book keeping....
  17. Not the case for me. Had 18 still have 18
  18. new Kaw version cost money

    I download the new version of Kaw coz it keeps popping out when I turn on Kaw ,but why I got charge 19.99$ for it? And , I didn't even get the ( free 5 xtals ) you devs talking about ? I need a quick response please. And some people who downloaded the new version in my clan got it for free . I need my money back.Than You
  19. I've updated App on both iPad and iPhone, both are really slow to complete actions and to load anything, also didn't get xtals next time I logged in, is their a problem with the "new" KaW?