New iOS KaW App Coming Soon

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  1. What would happen if we put a sub account on the old kaw application?
  2. When we have the same transition between both games it makes sense to use something that has worked before messaging wise.

    Read it over, but missed the one part as it's not inherently wrong, just no specific details on it.

    It's not the end of the world, yet...
  3. Looking forward to nice new features and little improvements :)
  4. The old application will stop working in the very near future once the new one is out.
  5. Alright, but in the mean time it's ok to put a sub account on it?
  6. Grant you didn't answer an earlier question that I also share, what happens to those of us still using iPhones too old for the newest IoS, to the point we may not be able to get the new app
  7. Bahahahahahahahah I cri 
  8. Keep the updates and polish coming.
    The last event was cool too, even if it was a tad confusing for players who don't frequent the forums.
    I'm not sure what's wrong with copy and pasting either. Seems legit.
    Thanks for the xtals!
  9. I'm not getting this pop up ?
  10. If they read what they copy and pasted before they did so to make sure it applied to the current game, it wouldn't be a problem. And no one would be any the wiser.
  11. The new version will only support devices running iOS7 and up, and we did mention we aren't able to continue to publish updates for devices running anything below iOS 7. As this is a required update, you will need a device capable of running iOS 7 to keep playing on iOS.

    This means almost any device that came out from late 2010 and beyond. Continuing to support devices older than that is not something we are able to do ay this time.

    Those unable to update can still play however using the web version of the game.
  12. Can't users just play on an older version of the game?
  13. Up until this update, older phones could run older versions, but would be missing certain features in new updates. But a full new app would hinder that. As download wouldn't be possible unless at the new requirements
  14. Why can't I hit my EB all of a sudden !!!!
  15. For iOS, only the new App will be able to access the servers in the near future. Old versions will not be able to play.
  16. When you run a game it makes sense to properly proof read and not copy and paste threads and events.

    Sure it's not the end of the world, but for you devs it should have been and you're lucky you have a... Unique playerbase which is why it isn't dead.

    You ignore ideas on forums, you copy and paste threads without proofreading them, you copy and paste events, you ignore people asking for help (why make so many kaw dev accounts if you're not all gonna use them properly?)

    It's not like I play much so I don't care about your events, i just find it funny that you copy and paste things and find it acceptable, then a lot of people complain, I've seen it in WC, forums, CC - and you say it's not the end of the world

    As always Grant, i'd love a reply, although I doubt I'll get one
  17. Hey hey you're saying too much there. Grant may end up deleting your post too.
  18. Will this be same KaW? Or a whole new KaW
  19. It will be the same version of the game you are using now, though to help differentiate it in the store for the time being it will have a different icon and splash screen.
  20. Reply to my post pls