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  1. Wow.. what happened there?^ glitch maybe... another things for the devs to fix.
  2. Nah, when I quoted you, I had to take a quote out because it exceeded the limit. BBcodes got crossed
  3. I thought the 20% tax hike on all app purchases was driving players away. Not the toxic languange.
  4. Ahh... unacceptable still! Lol
  5. Oh **** i forgot about that in my earlier adding onto peoples ****
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    Thanks Now i cant post The word "Tarde" that means late in spanish 
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    What the flippity ****
  8. Well I'm done with this game
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    Screw off kaw com, well talk how we want, this is our environment
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    this is awesome thank you
  11. It take out swear words entirely. Yay. But wouldn't the context still be understood anyway?
  12. Using stars n other pieces should b ok devs have no idea what there doing
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    Censorship = Free Speech
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    Not morons speech does not mean ppl can say anything they pls.
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    Please elaborate for us lesser beings.
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    Figure it out
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    I think this is great. It's a MadLib. Just insert random words in the spaces. Go ahead, tell me you don't crack yourself up.
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    :lol: i'm definitely going to start doing that
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    I don't get this...this may just result in an even more dead wc. Great job
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    Or remove the kiddies IMO
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