New hte. The so called promo hte needs to be permenant with

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  1. I agree, hte is bad value for money. I can make 14t on zta for 24 xtals. Near 27t for 47 xtals. Crux running ofc.
  2. Of course people can argue with this post. There's more than one argument possible AGAINST the promo bar being permanent. Thinking otherwise is ignorant.
    But I do support it being permanent myself.
  3. Extra bar or harder pay to play epic is needed .
    The devs know this of course.
  4. M Hawk for president. Why the hell not?
  5. Not with the new lands. Either lands and buildings need adjusting, or the effect for gold that allies and pots have needs to be adjusted. Players need enough gold to upgrade, but that much gold is too much concerning allies etc.
  6. Lots of support here developers. Only one disgruntled mod I saw. Would be nice to get a answer about this from a developer. I'll wait patiently thanks.
  7. I mean KotFE was always a joke hideout for fairies who needed other people to protect them.

    But this is still pretty funny.
  8. Reality
  9. This is indeed correct. I just wish more people woke up and gave other games a chance. The developer treatment exhibited here for their game now, is abysmal. Top grossing franchises don't trample on their apps this bad, with constant mandatory in app purchases required to enjoy game as kaw does. Fact is, we are amidst an archaic system still operational, attempting to stay afloat - meanwhile competing modern day apps are sailing in bright waters, with a ever expanding user base with smiles all aboard.
  10. I concur.
  11. I support the butthurt rage on this thread. Eventually you'll realize that no amount of real money is worth KaW's fake gold. 
  12. Big Bob called you all out as butthurt for making a valid point. It's time to pack up and leave guys.