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  1. So I see what kaw is doing.

    In KoH the forums are exactly like this and it made sense bc the forums on that game take you out of the game and to safari to browse. However, in the in game forums of KaW mobile this seems pointless.

    Forums weren’t broken, easy to maneuver, and were already struggling. Why change it? Any specifics on the reason of changing besides to make forums look exactly the same across the board?

    The change just isn’t necessary and honestly I don’t see how or why people would try and learn it when they were already struggling. Could be wrong and who knows, I might eat my words later. Just seems to me that they’re either trying to do what they did to KoH and make the game more socially based in WC and CC or they just don’t really care about improving forums for the better that encourages activity and such.
  2. I just want a night mode or dark mode tbh
  3. Is it not updated for you? The background for me is now black.
  4. Your wish has been granted
  5. New forums are gay
  6. This is an expense cutting move - why support two different forum platforms when you only need one? Consolidation.
  7. Why change it in the first place?
  8. This was answered in the post you quoted. Consolidation. More than likely, they were paying for multiple forum software licenses as well, and PhPBB or whatever has lost support. XenForo (new software) is used by just about any gaming related business or community, and the support for it is practically endless.
  9. The links to pages in the guides no longer work :( do they all need to be adjusted to work or does that sort of stuff not work on these new forums?

    Also I can’t even see what I’m typing as its glitched and the header is right on top of the text box and I can’t move it out of the way lol. I hope I haven’t stuffed up
  10. Having been away for a couple years and coming back, these forums are way different 😮 is it just me or are they way more dead than 6-8 years ago?
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  11. Way, way more dead.
  12. I like the new layout its easier to read and see all the topics and to see who new players are and the members who are online and how the writhing of words are darker to read makes it easier on the eyes