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  1. So if you follow somebody everything they post is now in your forum newsfeed
  2. I’m an oldhead here, but change is good sometimes 😁
  3. Seems like it makes the color easier to use without having to bbcode, but sadly my upload file does not work and I'm too lazy to copy n paste URLs. :p:D
  4. Where is this newsfeed you speak of?
  5. Click on your forum profile and then in the very top right of that you should see it, looks like a flag
  6. Also if you tap your avatar icon, there's a menu option of "Your News Feed". You can see the posts of everybody you follow.
  7. Do emojis work again? 😊😊😊 most emojis on my phone show up as boxes anyways but
  8. Looks like forums just got a lot easier lol.

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  9. It’ll take me some time to get used but is there a way to change the colour? White is very harsh to look at.
  10. Add an option to change the background color to something darker please.
  11. EDIT: forums are dum cos idk how to post images anymore
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  12. Easiest way is to tap the little picture button next to the emoticon button, then paste your image link
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  14. This is pointless and disgusting.
  15. i cant read 90% of the text that is typed unless i highlight a post its like contrast is set to 300.