New Forums!!!

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  1. Forums are back up!

    This is gonna take some getting used to lol. Everything seems to be here though.

    Opinions? Tips? Tricks? Post below. I'm gonna explore some more, so far functionality seems to be way up, though there's more lag while navigating than there used to be (for me).
  2. Kind of invasive and not needed in my eyes.
  3. I'm curious from wc though, cause my profile doesn't show an email address. Perhaps it only loaded to these forums, if you had one listed on your profile on the old forums?
  4. It’s easier to code messages but it seems more useful on PC.... ironic lol but I think I’ll like it a lot when I’m used to it and understand the ins and outs
  5. I'm having issues adding tags to mymy own forum, not sure why 🤷‍♂️
    Other than it's interesting, went through all the settings, not sure how I feel about those either tbh
  6. testing if bbcodes still work like


    Edit: apparently yes, but when I edit my post the bracket codes have mostly been replaced with modified text. Neat.
  7. This isn’t new to me, this is exactly what the forum looks like in their other game, “Kingdoms of Heckfire”.
  8. Not brand new, but it is new for KaW. I only played KoH for a month or so. Haven't tested yet, but if it lets you set an email and pw maybe we'll still be able to login to forums on pc after pc KaW is gone? Would definitely help with keeping guides up to date.
  9. Hate it!
  10. There’s no login system currently....
  11. I really like it unfortunately all the hyperlinks seem to be broken (check the EB guide for example) it doesn't take you to the page where the link should have moved you to.
  12. Devs said they would let us know when forums were back up. Haven't received any notification. Only found out by tapping forums. Said I needed to update app to veiw forums.
    Noticed my market place layout has changed as well. Haven't checked if anything else has been updated. Guess we will see if there are any issues with this forum layout 👍
  13. So my goal now is to figure out how the rankings work and how to hide being online again.

    Current Ranks

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    Moving around in the post reply aspect is a pain on my end atm too😒
  14. I can see peoples name. Lets not their time zones down too. Good good.
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  16. This is way better, ty devs, great work. I hated the last forum update released, this is alot more what i had expected that one to be like.

  17. OK I'll try that, ty

    I can't upload a file, the button won't work
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  18. Devs knew I was about to drop a sick forum post about how lame they are so they panicked and made forums confusing.