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What do you think of the update?

  1. Awesome

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  2. Meh

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  3. Life Changing

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  1. My last wish is to make the loading screen gray, it bothers me at the moment.
  3. Well the bottom most bar where you have the reply tab is still white in color and that looks way out of place. Android here.
  5. I can now forum at night and not wake up my wife!
  6. If you go through active topics, pick an active thread then hit back button to return to active topics, forum goes back to old layout, hitting back button to return to active topics has always seemed to glitch.

    Just a heads up :)
  7. That's just a glitch, forums have always been taking you back to active topics about a week - month ago.
  8. Quotes within posts and the reply bar still look awful.

    I know, no pleasing some people right?
  9. I thought my phone was lagging because of the color
  10. About a week ago, week ago!
  11. This is sooooo cool great job ata!
  12. So this was the cause of the lag!! ๎’๎’ just kidding. Like the layout.
  13. This is nice๎„
  14. Thank you devs, this is awesome
  15. Cool thank you I love it and then new events
  16. Thank you for all these new features!
  17. Yay, finally! Thank you for this. :)
  18. I don't like dark.I prefer the previos one.