New Forum Colour Chart

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Luigi, Nov 1, 2014.

  1. Which looks the cheesiest?



    dark khaki
  2. Goldenrod is quite reminiscent of a cheddar
  3. Great job OP ;)
  4. I agree, Melissa. I wonder if i should become one of those people who post in colour.

    Colour. It looks like it's pronounced kolower. Idk why the english always have to act so snobby. They act like they invented the english language...
  5. Tomatooooooo
  6. How can you use the colours on IOS
  7. [color=(InsertColorHere)] text [/color]

    so if I wanted red,

     [color=red] text [/color] 
  8. I wish you would have sorted them by hue rather than alphabet.
  9. lazy ass
  10. Thanks OP. Lovely post
  11. I dont know why but i really like the way black looks
  12. This is mine!
  13. I Appreciate the sticky ️ will be updating soon 
  14. Deserved the sticky imo
  15. first BB code lol
  16. but how will people know a difference in hue? Isn't it personal visual? Someone could see one hue as lighter/darker than the other person
  17. Only if color blind. Hue can be measured.
  18. For example, black has a distinct lack of hue, compared to white