New Forum Colour Chart

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  1. Here is what every colour looks like on these new forums

    AliceBlue, AliceBlue

    AntiqueWhite, AntiqueWhite

    Aqua, Aqua

    Aquamarine, Aquamarine

    Azure, Azure

    Beige, Beige

    Bisque, Bisque

    Black, Black

    BlanchedAlmond, BlanchedAlmond

    Blue, Blue

    BlueViolet, BlueViolet

    Brown, Brown

    BurlyWood, BurlyWood

    CadetBlue, CadetBlue

    Chartreuse, Chartreuse

    Chocolate, Chocolate

    Coral, Coral

    CornflowerBlue, CornflowerBlue

    Cornsilk, Cornsilk

    Crimson, Crimson

    Cyan, Cyan

    DarkBlue, DarkBlue

    DarkCyan, DarkCyan

    DarkGoldenRod, DarkGoldenRod

    DarkGray, DarkGray

    DarkGreen, DarkGreen

    DarkKhaki, DarkKhaki

    DarkMagenta, DarkMagenta

    DarkOliveGreen, DarkOliveGreen

    Darkorange, Darkorange

    DarkOrchid, DarkOrchid

    DarkRed, DarkRed

    DarkSalmon, DarkSalmon

    DarkSeaGreen, DarkSeaGreen

    DarkSlateBlue, DarkSlateBlue

    DarkSlateGray, DarkSlateGray

    DarkTurquoise, DarkTurquoise

    DarkViolet, DarkViolet

    DeepPink, DeepPink

    DeepSkyBlue, DeepSkyBlue

    DimGray, DimGray

    DodgerBlue, DodgerBlue

    FireBrick, FireBrick

    FloralWhite, FloralWhite

    ForestGreen, ForestGreen

    Fuchsia, Fuchsia

    Gainsboro, Gainsboro

    GhostWhite, GhostWhite

    Gold, Gold

    GoldenRod, GoldenRod

    Gray, Gray

    Green, Green

    GreenYellow, GreenYellow

    HoneyDew, HoneyDew

    HotPink, HotPink

    IndianRed, IndianRed

    Indigo, Indigo

    Ivory, Ivory

    Khaki, Khaki

    Lavender, Lavender

    LavenderBlush, LavenderBlush

    LawnGreen, LawnGreen

    LemonChiffon, LemonChiffon

    LightBlue, LightBlue

    LightCoral, LightCoral

    LightCyan, LightCyan

    LightGoldenRodYellow, LightGoldenRodYellow

    LightGrey, LightGrey

    LightGreen, LightGreen

    LightPink, LightPink

    LightSalmon, LightSalmon

    LightSeaGreen, LightSeaGreen

    LightSkyBlue, LightSkyBlue

    LightSlateBlue, LightSlateBlue

    LightSlateGray, LightSlateGray

    LightSteelBlue, LightSteelBlue

    LightYellow, LightYellow

    Lime, Lime

    LimeGreen, LimeGreen

    Linen, Linen

    Magenta, Magenta

    Maroon, Maroon

    MediumAquaMarine, MediumAquaMarine

    MediumBlue, MediumBlue

    MediumOrchid, MediumOrchid

    MediumPurple, MediumPurple

    MediumSeaGreen, MediumSeaGreen

    MediumSlateBlue, MediumSlateBlue

    MediumSpringGreen, MediumSpringGreen

    MediumTurquoise, MediumTurquoise

    MediumVioletRed, MediumVioletRed

    MidnightBlue, MidnightBlue

    MintCream, MintCream

    MistyRose, MistyRose

    Moccasin, Moccasin

    NavajoWhite, NavajoWhite

    Navy, Navy

    OldLace, OldLace

    Olive, Olive

    OliveDrab, OliveDrab

    Orange, Orange

    OrangeRed, OrangeRed

    Orchid, Orchid

    PaleGoldenRod, PaleGoldenRod

    PaleGreen, PaleGreen

    PaleTurquoise, PaleTurquoise

    PaleVioletRed, PaleVioletRed

    PapayaWhip, PapayaWhip

    PeachPuff, PeachPuff

    Peru, Peru

    Pink, Pink

    Plum, Plum

    PowderBlue, PowderBlue

    Purple, Purple

    Red, Red

    RosyBrown, RosyBrown

    RoyalBlue, RoyalBlue

    SaddleBrown, SaddleBrown

    Salmon, Salmon

    SandyBrown, SandyBrown

    SeaGreen, SeaGreen

    SeaShell, SeaShell

    Sienna, Sienna

    Silver, Silver

    SkyBlue, SkyBlue

    SlateBlue, SlateBlue

    SlateGray, SlateGray

    Snow, Snow

    SpringGreen, SpringGreen

    SteelBlue, SteelBlue

    Tan, Tan

    Teal, Teal

    Thistle, Thistle

    Tomato, Tomato

    Turquoise, Turquoise

    Violet, Violet

    VioletRed, VioletRed

    Wheat, Wheat

    White, White

    WhiteSmoke, WhiteSmoke

    Yellow, Yellow

    YellowGreen YellowGreen
  2. You do know the bb code List shows all of these?
  3. The bbcode list on web forums? That is true.

    On iDevice the only list I can see is the pinned BBCode thread which does not show what each colour looks like which is the important detail on these new forums, hence this post.
  4. There's a link to a thread that does at the bottom of the post
  5. Not gonna lie, literally can't find anything that you're referring to... but no harm done in this post anyway :geek:
  6. Useful and pretty, thanks OP.

    Clearly blue is a no-go.

    Not sure what moose's text is going to look like now either....
  7. Colours look sooooo much better with this new forum layout
  8. Indigo and medium blue are now no, no's.
  9. I'm still laughing that gray is darker than dark gray :lol:
  10. I love that a wall of yellow text will no longer be so eye watering painful.
  11. Hmmmm... I might have a new color for myself
  12. Your a wizard Harry :D
  13. Nice thread!

    With the new forum layout, I think everyone likes to see what looks good as far as bb codes go.

    It's like buying new clothes. What matches, what doesn't.

  14. Nice thread. Ignore Wolfie.
  15. Heyy potter can I use this for my BB code thread?
  16. Cheers for all the support everyone, made this for fc a long while ago and seemed appropriate for it to be poster here ️ :D

    As long as you credit Potter and provide a link to here then go for it :)
  17. Very great post :) the new color schemes are different and now I realized that I need this as my new color and not yellow
  18. nice
  19. rip yellow. Great thread, op