new event

Discussion in 'Other KaW Discussion' started by MarinaraOnMyMeatballs, Apr 5, 2016.

  1. I think it's time for us to throw our money at you again devs. Bring on an event
  2. Surrport because I really love silver bars
  4. no event needed I'll just take the bars
  5. Leave the event part out and give us 10k silver bars 
  6. Support
  7. 10k silverbars wiuld be nice, it's like 5% progress on the new lands!
  8. Make it a war event.
    Tired and bored with regular events.
  9. Bring on the events devs. You're getting pretty slack. But this time make it fair, atleast make it so that everyone has a chance at the big bars not just those with big stats. We all deserve that. Not just your pets. Down boys down.
  10. I'd take the silver bars, hell I'll even take bronze bars at this point
  12. Why are you always on here making low effort threads where you wine about something, like if you're going to whine at least add a shred of effort because this is just spam.
  13. Let's call it a day and give 500% plunder bonus to PvP action and -50% plunder to EB's.
  14. Today noon pdt/8pm gmt
  15. You know, you can buy silver bars.
  17. Awesome, nice hint. who needs buildings and allies if u hv tons of silver bars anyways?
  18. The answer is banks xD
  19. Support haha
  20. I think it's time to produce a new event we are scratching our heads and wonder when we going to do pvp blitz again love pvp blitz and extra mith come on devs new event please