New Event Riddles

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  1. Fire - burning , conflagrant, sizzling, igneous, flaring, empyreal, kindled, blazing, scorching
    Ice - hiemal, frigid, brumal, gelid, rimy, chilly, wintry, frosty, glacial, icy, nivean
    Wind - lofty, vaporous, aerial, drafty, favonian, breezy, gusty, mistral, blustery, aeolian
    Earthly - wealdish , ligneous, woody, rustic, timber, barklike, wood, lumbery, sylvan, arboreous


    rafflesia (Red) - carmine, rose, vermilion, cardinal, erythraen, garnet, crimson, ruby, incarnadine, scarlet

    ophrys (purple) - amethyst, aubergine, magenta, ianthine, heliotrope, fuschia, porphyrous, orchids, plum

    delphinium (blue) - cyan , pavonated, azure, cerulean, zaffre, sapphire, cobalt, ultraMarin, indigo

    arrowwood (green) - shamrock, jade, celadon, emerald, lime, chlorochrous, chartreuse, malachite, citrine, viridian


    Attack- Assault, rhymes with crack, onslaught, assailment, first three letters of both characteristic, battery, something that is said to be the best defence, artillery, onrush, aggression

    Scout- surveillance, observation , reconnaissance, scrutiny, inquest, investigation, opposite of in comes after the start of the reaper's tool, rhymes with trout, espionage, exploration, espionage, one does when one cannot touch

    Assassinate- slaughter, two donkey meet me before a sovereign land, extermination, rhymes with condemnation, extirpation, execution, murder, snuffing, slaying, may topple a kingdom with a single blade

    Stole- ransacking, robbery , purloining, one does when one cannot beg nor botrow, misappropriation, foodfall is interrupted by most of everything, heist, looting, rhymes with real,
  2. The riddles are a joke and a pain in says observation and scarlet...accordingly... it should be red and scout..... FAIL.
  3. You have the wrong blossom then. All three parts must be correct.