New event legend guide

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  1. Here are the various levels of the new event for those of you wondering:
    (Note: no matter the card you pick, the task will be the same)

    1) 200 eb attack/spy actions
    2) 50 pvp actions
    3) Transmute any item
    4) Upgrade any item once
    5) Use 1 xtal
    6) Spend at least 5 nobility

    These are the card side legends. The cards themselves will become useable on November 7th (Thank you Mei for clarification), but until then, stack up on them!
  2. Thanks for this!
  3. Awesome thank you!
  4. Awesome tha ks for this, this be great for all events too this info.

    Question Can u do the cards multi times eg once done all six start over again?
  5. Transmute any item ? What is this ? How to transmute ?
  6. It’s how you get charms. Go the the mage, then swipe left and you’ll see a list of all your equipment, which you can then transmute into a charm
  7. Thanks Noodle
  8. what are you talking about? There is no swipe left in the mage
  9. What are you talking about? If you swipe left over the aqua and inferno on iOS while in the mage you can transmute
  10. I'm using Android and there is no swipe left to transmute anything else aside from aqua and you need to use 5 crystals for that.
  11. Pay to play?

    5) Use 1 xtal
    6) Spend at least 5 nobility

    Naw I rather not but thanks for the attempt at me wallet.
  12. Thank you! :)

  13. I double tap on the right side of the transmute aqua/inferno you can transmute any equipment you don't have equipped for a small stat boost

  14. Lmao devs give like 5-
    10 xtals a week free and one easy nobility offer gives more than 5 nobility.

    Don't be lazy
  15. How else do you get cards? I’ve finished the legend but maybe I missed something?
  16. If you’re not able to reach the Transmute menu from swiping left in the Mage menu then you’ll have to reinstall KaW. That’s straight from ATA. I had to do so when that wasn’t working on my droid account. Just link your account to Facebook or ATA first if you haven’t already.
  17. Yup those offers don’t work sometimes. Even when you send Fyber support proof that you’ve completed an offer they won’t reward you. They’re even more incompetent than ATA can be. Waste of time.
  18. What's the hound feed for?
  19. To be fair they do give out like 5 xtals every week.
  20. It would be cool if sometime they would give