new epic battles

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  1. I think there should be some new epic battles should be released or similar clan-based activity to vary gameplay a bit more! Maybe add an extra epic battle to each section and to unlock you have to get drops from other ebs in that section? Maybe keys or somthing?
  2. All the new ebs that people will ignore because of hte...
  3. :lol: enjoy your ban
  4. How am I getting banned exactly?
  5. By saying first
  6. So how is that a ban?
  7. Its a forum band.
    And I'm off topic, so either wall me or follow me and we can continue this
  8. I'm not doin Tier 1 eb's n up at my size.
    Try war n not think EB's only need more attention....Noob idea lol

  9. How's about the reckoning
  10. Or we could actually war instead of clicking a green button for enjoyment
  11. The sharknado is coming....

  12. Agreed

    Only other suggestion is cap the damage to apherium and under ebs.
  13. Nobody would even be running the new eb's unless they had some good equips because its all about the hte grind
  14. Many new clan are broken at origins. A few more easy ebs might keep noobs active and help noob clans survive
  15. [​IMG]
  16. Ee indy for all builds?