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  1. Sorry in advance if this is short but I don't think I need to go into details. Firstly I have to admit I'm a tad disappointed in the devs. They spoke of being more active in fourms and the only thing I've really seen them be active is on the event threads. There are so many decent ideas that never even get a response from the devs. I think it would be nice to even get one comment on some of the more popular idea threads from the devs with their thoughts.
    Now in saying that it's time to get to the point of the thread. I feel it's time for a new eb to be given. The only thing new besides lands now a days has been events. Some events have more effort out into them then others obviously but the result is the same. In the past as new lands have been released new epic battles were quick to follow. So far all I've seen is new events. Along with this clearly some things need to change. Hte is simply to quick for the price.
    Many are calling for zta to be perm but that to is simply to short. How about devs take a top paying eb like lotl and release a premium version for let's say $20. Or maybe a longer version of hte for a few more dollars. Whatever happens in my opinion it is obvious new ebs should be released.
  2. $20??? Are you ******* kidding me
    No support
  3. Not sure if op was kidding, it would be better not to have any premium tbh less p2w. Also $20! for one battle.... Oh my gawd 
  4. As far as money I was partially being dramatic especially about the cost but if devs want a premium eb then I suggest something better then hte
  5. troppus
  6. How about we release a 48 hr version of LotL that has 1000% Gold drops and call it a day?
  7. Support
  8. No support because you can't paragraph. Wtf bro!
  9. Think we need new ebs. Especially ebs that cater for the low medium to high medium cs. Lotl anf asof requires a very high cs to be accepted and will take some time go reach for people in the lower to high medium cs
  11. 20$ eb. .....go drink bleach
  12. If you actually could hit lotl, you'd laugh even more (no offense intended)
  13. No support because you can form a coherent sentence that's not a fragment while trying to tell someone to edit their post into a paragraph style format.