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  1. As Jorathe lays slain by many forces. An incredible mysterious mist suddenly surrounds its body. Jorathe awakens with anger and revenge. Oh, no what to do. Fight the evil beast. New Epic Battles Name: Jorathe Strikes Back. This Epic Battle, shall be after The Sleeping Giant.

    This Epic Battle...might of course cost nobs...
    HTE...does give plunder...but what if the devs made a new Epic which more plunder were introduced. More players would grow.

    Know if the devs wanted to make this a paid Epic Battle...not saying they should...but of course they might...The Seals Name: Jorathes Vengeance...

    This Epic Battle should include 3 to 4 items phases...

    Items shall cost little gold...Items Name: Volcanoe...
  2. Post a Reason...not just "No"...
  3. I don't think anyone wants anymore of pay to play. Also we have enough epic battles
  4. More effort and I'll give you some feedback other than this
  5. Noob let the thread did
  6. I think its a good idea maybe not the paid part but something that pays better plunderby :)
  7. No support. Pay to play ruins a lot of games.
  8. Why the extensive use of ..? This.. Thread... Is... Bad.... No... Support..
  9. This is a simple, idea. If like it support it. If you don't state, why.
  10. Again?...seriously?

  11. The last thing we need is another epic battle, sorry. I really would rather have them working on something more creative/innovative.
  12. Nice...Including some Supernatural might be subject to Copyright.
  13. I just made a thread like this but
    Support 
  14. too many ebs and too much pay to play
  15. New eb you say? hmmm heres my contribution;

    Thinking like dev, Eb

    Your forces are hungry for piles of gold.
    (Scout kaw members bar)

    Having found desperate targets for pvp, you decide to release promo Ebs.
    (Atk and ass Members moral)

    Seeing your product become somewhat unguided and fruitless you decide to release a new war system without implementing any of suggested ideas from community of loyal memebers.
    (Steal time and possible money from xtal sales from members)

    Last of all its time to head down a dead end road by releasing a new game that only half of excisting members can play or be bothered to look at, draining the will to playfrom members.
    (Atk & Ass eb till near death by boredom)

    Eb ends, you are now that little richer by selling out and ruining a great concept for your members, well done (may drop aqua and inferno to ease pain :D )

    may have got carried away, but you get my idea, eright :lol: :D
  16. No support for pay to play. It is unfair for people who can't spend money on games.