New Epic Battle and Items!

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  1. Active don't get rewarded ! Random drop WTF
  2. Question
    For some of these items it says it'll give 5,000,000 to attack and defense stats...... Would u be able to see that in ur overall stats or is it just added in
  3. It is not added into your raw stats as 5m. The raw stats of a 5m bonus is ~ 100k bonus.
  4. The new items are awesome keep up the great work and give us some more lol
  5. Sounds cool to me more stuff equals more power. More power equals AWSOME
  6. Thunderous Minotaur hindquarters (+700,000 attack) are found. (Azayden)

    do i get an equitment for this or it gets added to my stats?
  7. Hooves of Destruction...Moose? y r u making the devs make ur hooves a equipment
  8. Omfg, I was like WOAH NEW EBS and the reckoning perm item? :!: ? Im getting that cuz I recently reset. And even the admins love them, they must be good.. anyone got any yet? Thanks for bringing them out, too :D
  9. I like is hehee
  10. I got the Hooves recently but currently it is missing, can the developers do something at it. thanks
  11. I still have nothing ;(
  12. I've seen players with upto 8 equipments; how is this possible/how can I obtain the others, if not through eb?
  13. Sword-figure of death
    Shield-city of dead
    Armor- destroyer or no quarter
    Arm-no mans land
    Legs- reckoning or no mans land
    Shoulder-claws of carnage
    Ring- same as shoulder
    Which is all 8 available right now