New eb

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  1. I noticed that there is a new eb that says comming soon that is after goth and i was wondering if anyone knows anything about that like when its comming,what its called ect.
  2. I know x)

    Unfortunately, we aren't releasing any of that info just yet!
  3. Answered then lock it
  4. It's called Naga of the Hoarfrost, that's the name that was on the game
  5. It's not called that, although that was in the game briefly.
  6. When will info be released?
  7. Will it hit back? That’d be kinda cool I think
  8. We need more real content added not just new ebs and new war types
  9. It sounds to me like the unofficial name is “Nunya,” meaning none of your damn business fool...hopefully you read that in Mr. T’s voice.