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  1. Post stuff here about the new EB since there isn't any thread posted by the devs on it...

    Seems everyone is stuck on the 3rd bar.

    Edit: Moon/Devil/judgement/hermit are some of the cards from the new legend

    Edit: Dev released death/chariot cards. EB able to be opened

  2. Finally :)
  3. Try different combinations of regular pots, that's what were doing no luck yet.
  4. Apparently there are 6 cards, info from clan member
  5. So far


    3rd is what we’ve heard.
  6. Mixed up the last two
  7. Rumors from devs says there is a way to get the card needed for 3rd bar
  8. 8 cards total from what I was told and they was able to be purchased a little over a week ago or something IDK might b 6 cards and buddy has 8 total lol but either way seems like the missing cards we haven't gotten for free is the missing link
  9. Just asked support, 6 unique cards total. That's our hint
  10. Leafs fall. I reserve the right to mute my post
  11. 5th tarot card is chariot
  12. Is there a way to see which cards you have?
  13. Chariot is phase 3
  14. Last card is the Harvester
  15. 1st Judgment
    2nd Moon
    3rd Death
    4th Chariot
    5th Hermit
    6th Devil

    use them on eb in that order
  16. Only 5 phase/bars and chariot is third bar!
  17. once you use the first five attack once and the bar for 6th card shows...
  18. The cards can be seen among your defense items.
  19. So no one knows what to do and devs give no info, remind me again how this is a game for 10+