New eb unlock after goth

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by deathstalker99, Nov 19, 2017.

  1. To the devs; you should look into a new eb above goth!and unlocks after that! This would make kaw even better! And keep clannies on!
  2. Another eb? I'm sure they haven't thought of that yet. I mean, shoot they haven't released anything since warbeast.
  3. Devs are painted into a corner with hte, they can't make any F2P eb that pays much more than goth without destroying the market for seals

    Kaw is dying
  4. No new ebs until we get new lands dude. Most likely christmas
  5. New lands usually come out March 31st

    We just got new lands, they were delayed by months because devs was working on legends, ASW, and trading, I'm not expecting new lands for a while
  6. I agree with them being stuck as far as making a new eb that pays better then HTE would hurt their bottom line. However letting the game get stagnant and not adding new things will also hurt the game. They have been doing other things to prolong this realization but it is coming one way or another.

  7. Rip
  8. I suspect a new currency type will come after the two ebs after goth. Something that would give you an extra 3 levels to your maxed buildings, or maybe enchant them somehow. They have to release new ebs but they can't increase their gold drops, a new drop that doesn't devalue gold would be a solution for that.