New eb soon?!

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  1. [​IMG]

    Located on the latest epic battle series but this SS is on the EB leader board.

    Thoughts? Unlike the other eb series which all of the ebs in the series have the same art in the series, this one doesn't.
  2. I personally hope not, as I've not been able to do any eb higher than Smoke Signals, but maybe it will keep those that are big enough to hit it happy. l
  3. Nice find! I would guess it wasn't a part of the lignuela (spelling is wrong but meh) series but something new and/or different
  4. Damn these devs are idiots if they release this eb within the next month or 2
  5. Oh look another thread on this. It's located under the latest eb series, it's next in line.
  6. a closer-up of the image
  7. Either a mistake or a huge teaser!
  8. Immortal, you don't even need to worry about that epic battle. You, as well as most players in this game, will not be able to even touch it.

    It is most likely the 2nd EB in the lowland of whatever series and probably requires no less than a 50mcs build to scratch it.
  9. From Yesterday's thread about this
  10. No support
  11. Go to"view all Ebs" this one is under the lifghsnsnsjsjsnsisosoowmskookdmgkyikrjdjd dnsmmeisixmdjdiekekdidiidoskdkdjdijdisooaosisisjdjdjjdncjdjdisiskkxudueijddjejdjjcjueyeuwoqowieoeiirmeowidmdjdjjeiiwjdjmdjdieidmjdmmdkwksosojffhusmdnofhhemsohfhmdkdjdhuksmd series
  12. Seriously, stop with this. Like I said on the other thread, you have ebs made for your size. Lb needs ebs made for their size. Deal with it.
  13. are you autistic?
  14. Last I checked the current eb out is too tough for clans.

    And last week it was only completed twice. They have their ebs in the lowland and black dragon ebs.
  15. Your realize that only about the top 200 will even be able to skim the new eb?

    No one does the new Ebs they already have out, because almost no one can. A new t5 or t6 eb would be used 100x more often
  16. Maybe you should change from your exploit build and you could hit higher ebs.
  17. That was the point of the new eb. Even says in eb description, "eb is extremely difficult."

  18. Looks like it is from the Wrath of the Sveruganti (Tier 14) epic battle series.
  19. This isn't my only account nub. Everyone needs a SH