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  1. Bionic baby
  2. People are getting 100trillion from this eb... that's more than many have ever gotten in total throughout their entire years of gameplay within a hour or two
  3. I solo dropped 6k plus actions for a 21t gold off item return not worth60$ when u can train zta for way less with a higher return
  4. One more example of pay to win. After five years and a bunch of real money I'm finding myself questioning my investment!
  5. True that
  6. I could buy cod ww2, and that'll give me days and years of entertainment. lol or like bf1 premium pass
  7. Honestly 10 seals is too little, at this point devs might as well drop an eb that requires everyone in the clan to seal, 1500 circles, and 20 horns.
  8. That's like saying to poor people screw you, you don't have money and saying to the rich we love you because you have money...So you believe those with less should just be left behind and that the devs should only cater to those at the top level?
  9. This epic battle isn't as bad as it seems, for example clans in the top 5 leaderboard can do HTES in 5-10 mins average x 10 = 50 mins to 100 mins of epic battle where as with the new eb each one is taking 1 hour and 30 mins to 2-3 hours so it's a very good alternative it pays better
  10. Isn't it good for cooperation between players though? It needs 10 seals, for one person that will be too much, but for many it would be easier. Instead of relying to oneself, you now have to use some connections in order to do this.
  11. Depends. If you were one of ten that dropped a seal than you got all that for $6. If you dropped more or all ten then sure I could understand.

    People keep saying oh no a $60 eb. But I’m sure it’s going to be rare that any one person is going to throw all ten seals.
  12. You do know that ATA has been aware of all these issues for years. 20Q to BC from 0. They aren't oblivious to the myriad of kaw issues.

    The do nothing, because that's the easiest thing to do.
    They do nothing when it comes to fixing anything, launch new lands and EBs per schedule because they know people will spend regardless. Even if it takes 1500$ to BC.

    Their gameplan is to the do least amount of changes and milk the game for as long as possible, which should be a few years more.

    So yes, don't expect any core issues like hit ranges, gold/number inflation, 3rd party scripts, EE wars and more to be fixed. It's been around for while and they won't change it.

    Look at it from a business standpoint, what they have now milks them enough cash. They have no reason from a business pov to spend resources to fix issues, that regardless of being there or not peeps will still spend.

    It's always been only about the money $$ to them.
    One game dies, they'll make another. KoH will eventually replace KaW.

    Case in point. The new display feature. Does that fix anything? Nope.
    Did legends fix the rampant inflation or the hit ranges, or the OSW clans that use 3rd party apps to cheat and more?

    Expect them to keep putting out display and similar updates to keep the masses distracted and happy, but nothing to fix the core issues.
  13. Except, you know, the hundreds of people complaining about having too much junk cluttering their inventory. That problem that had a thread made twice a week about it. While also fixing the problem some people had with too much old junk equipment.
  14. If they want to have this new eb I think they should increase the overall drop of seals with regular haunt. So, more people have the chance of getting in and participating. I understand the concept they want money, but I think it will make everyone alittle happier to not spend 60 $ each time. I know I am not going to participate in this 60 $ train. I have NEW ps4, PC, etc games with tons of hours for that price.
  15. Core issues. Pretty sure the abysmal hit ranges, good inflation, rampant 3rd party cheats, lacklustre war system and more are of higher priority than something cosmetic. :)
  17. I personally think that a game restart should be put in place. Like yes you could say that's everyones money down the drain but think about it, people are basically chucking money down a hole anyway because their money isnt improving the game whereas a game reset would get rid of inflation and would make the game feel fresh and new and gets rid of all the inactive users and clans. The whole design of the game could use a change as well. And also the stupid amounts of random equipment that is irrelevant can go.
  18. Maybe they need the extra money so they can fire the intern whos been working on this game and hire somebody who knows what their doing? Just a thought...
  19. This is getting silly now..i cant afford to pay to play and have plugged away over the fortnight to get my event items only to watch others getting 5 times more event items in 10 minutes!!
  20. Why not reset everyone and start from the beginning.That way we all equal and let's see if the top spenders stay playing...not many if any at all