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  1. I personally am appalled by the introduction of the new EB. It is stupid that it costs $60 to start 1 EB. Why keep throwing out harder and more plunderful ebs just to keep those in lb happy?

    This virtually accelerates the rate that this game is dying. Why not make new lower tier ebs so that new players have more content that they can engage in and enjoy, therefore making them want to stay longer.

    It's basically impossible for someone new to ever get on lb now so why would you want to keep growing knowing the end goal of being the best is unachievable?

    So are you happy or unhappy with this EB?
    Please leave your honest views and opinions on this EB and the way the Devs are "improving" and adding content to the game.

    P.s. I could go to the cinema 2-3 times for the price of this EB. That's like 6 hours of enjoyment in real life equivalent to about 1 hour of tapping repeat action on this game...
  2. It's cool that they have new ideas, it shows they still think about the game and where it's going. But this one is pretty bad. 60$ is by far too much. 6$ is already too much for a simple mobile game.
  3. They refuse to fix hit ranges, wars, PvP the list goes on.
    As an old player who knows how to play for the most part its overwhelming.
    I can't imagine the game for anyone new. The stat sizes are rediculous. Inflation is rediculous.
    Clan chats are dead, people are leaving in huge numbers. They're alienating their own player base.
  4. Amen
  5. Support. Could buy hundreds of hours of steam games or one eb. Terrible
  6. I find this eb to be too modestly priced for the great return on investment you get from it. I'd recommend upping it to 15 sods, but if they decide to keep it at 10 sods their loss.

  7. This guy.

  8. It's good value. 10x drops for 10x sods, Just the fact they have the nerve to release this money grab while there are so many problems with this game
  9. Instead of making the next sveruganti eb that everyone wanted, they made a new eb that will make them more money. Devs are way too money hungry
  10. This eb is 3x as good as hte. Nothing to snob at, but not the most dramatic promo ever. We have gotten 100% bonus on hte several times in the last year I've been active, this equates to having two of those occur, OR just one of those promos that lasts a full week (as opposed to the 4d on this one).
  11. Who cares about the pay?

    Point is they won't fix issues. I don't care if they have a money grab eb up, but it does matter to me when I've spent so much time on this game and being on it now it's clear how broken it is.
    That's a $60 band aid
  12. Devs really messed up this time. I was expecting something free that'll helpthe whole community grow
  13. Don't like it? Don't play 
  14. From your standing point, that's real easy to say...
  15. I don't :)
  16. Crap money grab . Price is a joke for length of eb
  17. Wonder how much this guy is getting paid to promote the new eb or is he just an ass kisser?
  18. He's looking for a free seal.
  19. It doesn't really matter about the price. The line has been drawn a long time ago between the spenders and non spenders.

    Let those who can afford enjoy the luxury of the new epic and those that can't afford just continue to enjoy the game.

    It's like complaining about the price of people travelling first class while you travel coach.

  20. It's bait