New eb: Demon of ZelGrant

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  1. A little bearded noob with green slimy wings (Commonly known as Grant's favorite animals or eb fairies) is looking to spend more moneh

    So heres a new eb
    Phase 1: Use 50 seal of the damned on bar "Fill grant's thong with moneh"
    Main bar: Attack with new item seal of wasted time and cash (costs 100 nobs each in marketplace) to 0%

    Hey look, i just did what the average thinking ape does with developing this game. Split 25% of profit made from this eb with me. Thx.
    PS, i do love u charlie. Call me at 666-Phone***-666
  2. No support
  3. I genuinely hope that when S7 comes, no clans take you in to war with them. You're such a whiney lil brat.
  4. S7 will be India Anyways bc the devs don't care so you good bro
  5. Bb ur slower than hellbound lol
  6. Worst effort I've seen
  7. Ive seen worse effort.. every war u ever participated in

  9. Burn bro...
    May he rest in piece
  10. LMAO you're just another old timer trying to be relevant on a game. I mean it's cool if you have nothing better with your life to do than war every hour but hey you're weak.
  11. Haha so funny
  12. Why not just have an Eb that is only item phases

    100 seals items phase
    500 horns items phase
    2000 nobs items phase

    You win kaw
  13. Lul ok i war every hour 
  14. Support
  15. Not that I'm agreeing with you, but wouldn't it be better satire for it to be 2000 circle pieces or zoma's compasses instead?
  16. this is fantastic, but i believe that my epic battle suggestion reigns supreme