New EB: Apheriun the Netherking

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  1. This is straight up better than a second bar of HTE being permanent.
  2. Why not make an eb that takes the full 12 hours for most lb clans?

    This eb is too easy need to rethink price or difficulty
  3. 60$ and you can't even throw us a damn bone and tell us what pots are?
  4. You are being short sighted. Long term and overall? Not really.. How long would you have to wait to find 10 seals/sealers and not everyone wants to sit in a HTE clan.

    This eb is only good for a small group of players and for a limited time. A second bar on HTE permanently would be better overall and for the long term. Plus you can burn more xtals per eb.
  5. Another promo that does absolutely nothing for clan loyalty, what a surprise.
  6. kaw will die just like the ol gaw
  7. 10 seals!!!!??? Disgusting ata absolutely absurd.
  8. if i run this eb i better get 20T every single run for $60 a pop.
  9. Waste of money, not even worth doing
  10. Does this mean no zta weekend?
  11. Dang to all the complaining. Appreciate the effort, devs. It would make it more successful to drop the seal price.
  12. Never seen devs making fun of players this way before,they all come out of their holes and answer back like they do,really low.cant be long before they pull the plug.
  13. The only benifit to this eb is if they start another Legend as soon as the present one is over and the side quests.otherwise no.
  14. All the comments like this. The "devs" we talk to 99.9% of the time are not the actual game developers. They're the support staff. And I bet they aren't permitted to give away game details in their posts (occasionally they get "permission" to tell us things like roadmaps, or smaller details of events/updates), plus I think they're smart enough to not get bogged down bickering about details they have no control over. There isn't much left except to be lighthearted and engage with non-inflammatory posts, rather than the complaining posts.
  15. Well we call them "devs" as they represent the game(and game designer is not a dev?).and not sure why you refering to my comment?my point was that they answer in a rude way to some ppl and so many on one thread.they got time to make fun of some ppl but dont have time to answer simple questions on other threads.all comments like this?game details?huh.was not complaining about the game just that they answered in a rude way.
  16. It's very condescending and very unprofessional
  17. The fact that this thread has so few responses shows how few people who actually care about the welfare of the game rather than themselve, actually still remain.
  18. I agree they'll talk about justifying their newest implementation but won't talk about the real problems in the game.
  19. If you are going to have an Eb that cost 10 seals of the damn to open. That premium EB could at least drop seals of the damned as a reward.
  20. I didn't KAWgasm. Not happy