New EB: Apheriun the Netherking

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  1. Oooh forgot about that
  2. Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash*
  3. Re: New EB: Apherium the Netherking

  4. Is that a yes to my earlier question?
  5. can you at least tell us what it pays?
  6. This is getting pathetic devs. Cater to your entire game audience not just the lb. You're killing your own game
  7. really ata i am so diappointed showing your true colors with this bs.i wont be supprised if whats left of your player base quits.
  8. Agreed
  9. Ya boyz shoulda given everyone a free seal so we can test it out at least a couple times ya know?
  10. Re: Cost of 10 Seals.

    A: You know how some people defeat HTE in 2-8 minutes consistently? This is a hard question that is a challenge to solve with the way KAWs math works with plunder and player size.

    So when the Netherking appeared we thought it would be a good chance to experiment.

    The Netherking It is WAY longer than HTE. With much better plunder. But a way bigger price-tag as a balance for giving out so much more gold.

    We are trying to balance around gold-per-nobility. So another way to look at the 10 seals, is to know that you will be getting more than that amount of plunder from it than 10 HTEs.

    But I know it’s a hard thing to look at. Netherking is a beast though.
  11. Kawgasms 
  12. "way longer" has already been defeated
  13. You know that saying Where the Sun Don't Shine Charlie,that's where this eb can go.
  14. Instead of making an eb cost $60 and put people off spending money, why not just make HTE longer? Or am I being an idiot and missing something obvious to make that a stupid idea?
  15. “way longer” . SP jus defeated it in 11 minutes when it’s a 12 hour eb . great experiment
  16. "way longer" was done in 11 minutes :|
  17. Sucker punch did it in like 10mins...-_-
  18. They also did GoTH in 6 minutes the first day it was released. Sucker Punch is maybe even more beastly than The Netherking!
  19. I could buy all of Bethesda's games and have thousands of hours of content to play or start one eb.