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Discussion in 'Strategy' started by BoomBoom, Jan 7, 2010.

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  1. Okay... We are all guilty of accusing one of farming us.

    So I propose a new term to be coined.

    In addition, this game us about making gold to grow and friendships...

    With that said, if you are getting attacked non stop ask a friend to help you out!!!

    My idea to change the farming name is
    refreshing the more I think about it.

    My suggestion to change farm or farming


    now I don't belive that a winner should hit someone way below there stats, that term is now called:


    so don't be a" jerk" while your" winning"

    basically I think hitting more than 5 times or more is fine as they are listed in your battle screen button.

    Thoughts suggestions?
  2. Good idea and good thread
  3. If think farming is good and I don't why must change this many players will be confused....
  4. Good idea although I don't think any1 will stop "farming"
  5. I like farmin sometimes when the persons done somin bad
  6. My suggesting farming be changed to winning.
  7. Agreed, farming is part of the game, and it's rather fun
  8. I think this dicussion has nosense when we change farmin to winnig only a few players will start with winnig and the bigger part of the players will contune with farming
  9. Me personaly! I think there are lots of people in the game and yeah ok the battle screen brings up the same guys once in a while but get 10 or so hits and move on don't just work one guy all day cuz you can
  10. Any thoughts from the jerks?
    We know who you are?
  11. Eh... Well, you wouldnt farm someone that has the same stats as you... So its kinda beside the point.
  12. I only "jerk" during wars lolz. Otherwise i keep it to 5 aday everyday
  13. I only "jerk" during wars lolz. Otherwise i keep it to 5 aday everyday
  14. Oops double post sorry. Oh boomboom nice picture at the coffee house
  15. I have a couple "jerks" that farm me all day... But eh, that's what bein a pure spy is all about.
  16. Everybody farm... Especialy me ;)
  17. I don't care about farmers until they hit osf and take all the money they were putting out to help people, it's disgraceful
  18. Random bump ^_^

    Old thread ;)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.