New Cosmetic Change [Must See]

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  1. Introduction
    Hello fellow KAWers and Devs I've played this game for about 4 years and loved it. But I've never seen any really cosmetic changes to the game other than the beautiful art you guys created. So I've came up with an idea on a re-work to our profiles and equipment.

    Currently equipment tab

    This tab looks to plan and really isn't in the right order, no offense Devs but this can be better.

    I present to you a new equipment outline

    This outline makes everything more appealing to the eye and makes sense

    Another idea I wanted to touch upon is a 3D or 2D rendering of what the equipment would look like on an avatar whatever is easier to do

    If you have any questions feel free to ask below I'll answer as many as I can thank you!

    Thank you to Chana for allowing me to use him as an example!
  2. You cant just copy and paste the runescape equipment slot then post it as your own original idea. I say no dice
    And That wouldn't even work.
  3. Well...the first idea is a good one! But the avatars preview isn't doable imo. Too much to load onto a page, and would be almost impossible to make available across different platforms.

    Support on the idea though, and well presented as well. Overall support
  4. well it's just an idea and a new concept to KAW that I would love to see. I know these are just pictures copy and pasted from the internet but I was unable to photo shop my own pictures and could only used what I was able to work with so these pictures are of a concept than what exactly I want to see
  5. I don't like it, you only have 1 ring slot

    Having an avatar will make our kaw girls upset, so there would have to be a choice of avatars, male/female

    Then there would be assumed gender when one picks either avatar, leading to creepers, stalkers, and even more harassment

    I can't think of any reason this would be a good idea
  6. I like the idea. Support 
  7. 

    Is that what Rs3 looks like now adays? *cough* I mean disneyscape3?
  8. i agree with him, and support too ~
  9. Haven't really played since they released eoc and destroyed wilderness pvp
  10. Gl with that
  11. I played original RS...not a fan of new versions
  12. Again it's just a concept I'm not saying to stick to the picture of course Devs can Change it to there liking but no matter what game it is I believe there will always be that problem it's just apart of online gaming
  13. Same here...have seen vids of what they are calling runescape now though.. Its atrocious. If OSRS (Old school rs/real runescape) didnt reset you to ZERO, Id consider playing it..

    But to keep on is the last thing I want to see devs put their effort into. It would be nice to see, but this has got to be at the bottom of devs priority. Unfortunately OP I cant imagine with everything else been asked for that they would care to do anything purely cosmetic to the game..
  14. Literally whats already been said. Lol that copy paste of Rs equip page. Change aura to second ring to make it fit. While the idea is unique you would have to drag the pimd artists over to make the avatars even semi decent.