New Clan Leaderboard

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  1. New leaderboard

    Clan total eb actions



  2. Eh not really a feature id like them to focus on but then again itll encourage people to buy xtals so its something theyd prolly do..
  3. sure why not
  4. no, who really cares?
  5. Its good for admins and owners bc they can track and kick people who dont hit enough or are just plain inactive alot more easily.
  6. Full support!!

    Great for seeing who is inactive
  7. :-/ Support
  8. Can already do that... Eb history
  9. Don't be like that man. He litterally pointed out that it's not just doable, but being done. His point was it would make it easier.
  10. The Devs should just let everyone bot so we don't have to keep reading these dumb ideas
  11. Wanna bot? Join apoc :lol:
  12. It would be cool if there was an option in your member list along with manage that was 'view stats' which could show EB hits in last 7 days, total gold earned etc!