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  1. Okay let's keep this simple. Two simple ideas for KAW.
    So, you can talk to your hired allies and your owner, that's cool. You can talk in clan chat with every one in the clan, also cool. You can talk to friends in wc, and thousands of other players, well this is where it gets a little less cool. World chat is terrible and a haste.
    So here is my problem, all these chats do there job, but to those of us who are more social in this game it isn't exactly what I would call ideal.
    And this lead me to my first idea.
    1. A chat that allows you to talk to everyone you have in your friends list all in one screen, or sub menu, similar to the for-mentioned chats.
    Sure we have pms, but we don't always need some thing so private. This would allow you to chat with friends that you have followed and they in turn have followed you back.
    Why have this chat? Well there are often many differences in home clans and quite a number more than what may fit into one clan.
    -note that if two or more people share common friends that they would all be able to see each other. The only people you could not see would be those you are not friends with, or those who have blocked you.

    Now for the second idea.
    2. Allowing clan owners and the approval of 3 admins to link the chats of multiple clans, to a possible limit. This would allow many family clans to better connect and eliminate the use of many third party chatting options.

    Thanks for reading, comment additional ideas and comments below.
    -Eternal Watcher
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  3. Support
  4. Not a bad idea, unfortunately devs don't care about chat improvements from what I've seen
  5. Because they have grown to rely on our complacency to use 3rd part apps. It's sad.
  6. i kinda have to support this.
  7. I never thought of this by Greta ideas support! Especially that second idea cuase it would help in osw or calling for help for EB's.
  8. The devs need to do something to improve the social part of this social game. Being that this game is heavily reliant on user relations.
  9. I support your ideas good sir. You have such great ideas. We shall build a temple in your honor for your burial. Haha Support, bud!

    Support again for emphasis.
  11. Big support, devs will eventually have to do something to improve the game and stop it from dying. We can't rely on HTE and 3rd party apps
  12. No Support untill i get admin

  14. Big support, amazing idea EternalWatcher®™
  15. I approve
  16. Support 
  17. Good deal kanney.... You on DA KaW!!