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  1. Starting next weekend I'll be offering pvp spell casts for any body who trades me 50m charms if u miss it you'll get 25 back because I hope to attract customers
  2. 50% refund so darude
  3. No refunds
  4. I offered half as incentive to try again..
  5. I don't really understand this.
  6. what... whats a pvp spell cast
  7. The war horn. So for 5.90 he is getting 50m CS. This also breaks ToU.
  8. Good luck- 99% of the community doesn't pvp
  9. He’s trading in game item for in game item? Fail troll
  10. How is it against tou ppl trade charms for seals I'm giving ppl a chance to join my clan 50m charm trade in order to join me for a pvp spell they cost the same as seal and this way more ppl can benefit during pvp weekends
  11. So do you cast the spell first or do I give you the items?

    Are you going to try to get as many people in as you can at the same time so you only cast one spell?
  12. The idea is to get a group of ppl together for an hr of pvp spell if several ppl pay to attend then they get to pvp x2 plunder way cheaper than they could otherwise and if I get enough I'll have 2 dropped but its 50m for each hr I hope to help smalls get into pvp but anyone is welcome just wall me in advance ie maybe Sunday if I get any takers
  13. 
    I have a better idea...
    U want "Zoma"? --> pay charms for entry!
    BR Bonus? Sure! --> ^^ ^^

  14. Not the worst business plan