new building plunder increase?

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  1. Ive stopped crying now but cant help thinking how much my plunder would of increased if i spent the 5tril i saved on upgrades rather than a loss in plunder for less than 2mil stats lol :) butthurt comes to mind
  2. No br didn't expire I have it it in.awhile but right before new lands came out in was making 138m.a hit on.hte after they came went down to 130m.
  3. Dropped two t6L5 Att and swapped to two t6l5 Ice tree. Built 7 spy build on new lands. Plunder dropped by 7m. Hte proven only
  4. Seems to only go down with spy buildings, I've noticed after each Attack T7 I place my plunder increases by 100k on HtE.
  5. Spy buildings don't decrease plunder for me, first one lowered it by 100k, but then the next 6 increased by 400k each
  6. Each one of mine decreased by 100k all 14 new builds
  7. Cause it's a goddamn free country you communist creep
  8. If it's decreasing bigger spy builds, its not something to be too bothered about as it's more than likely to Increase when upgrades come, May even need a certain amount built at level1 to see plunder increase.
  9. I agree the WL lvl1s are more like Tier4s imo
  10. I am a smaller build, but I only have 3 attack buildings total. It just be because I'm smaller. A "plunder cap" or something along those lines.
  11. The stronger you are, the higher level EB you need to hit, in order to earn appropriate plunder.

    NOTE: Higher level EBs

    Continue to upgrade/build anything, be it new buildings on The Abyss or new buildings/upgrades on Hoarfrost. Both will eventually result in an increase in plunder.
  12. yeah...that isn't what is happening, chaos. people that aren't hoarfrost complete are seeing drops in plunder from the small stat boost of a lvl1 abyss building. if they upgrade a hoarfrost instead; even one that gives them a much larger stat increase, their plunder goes up.

    this isn't about size, it is specific to those buildings.
  13. Interesting,can you please elaborate players and EB? I'll notify devs - this could be honest hiccup.
  14. Chaos you can view the players stats on this thread who have experienced the decrease.

    All ps1 with 20m cs or greater. Myself included, decrease on both TS and HTE.

    I've left daily feedback to ATA 
  15. It should be a minimal decrease, but further upgrades and it should spike up.
  16. I feel your pain, bro. 
  17. Maybe f2p eb's will eventually pay better than hte? :-o

    Nah who am I kidding
  18. ~300k per hit on hte without any plunder bonuses, for each new t7 spy building added. Seems significant. I've added 6. At what point does the plunder start increasing?
  19. As you know we almost all have alts.

    I haven't checked mine since these lands were released, I'll do a personal test on it one I get home. Currently the one I will be doing it on is about 17m cs, if the plunder decreases or is minimal at best when hitting ss ts or AFF I'll post my findings.
  20. If I'm paying to hit an eb I don't expect my plunder to be dropping because the best paying eb is too small for me. What a load of rubbish. If you will see I said only tested in hte. If your argument was valid then all these lb clans won't be hitting hte anymore....