new building plunder increase?

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  1. Okay so we get a new bunch of lands and buildings, but something I have noticed is, that when I upgrade a T6 building it moves up almost 300k ally bonus. But when I plant a T7 building its almost non-existent, maybe 60k if that.

    Am I doing something wrong or is this happening for others?
  2. My first t7 dropped plunder by 100k, but then the next 5 increased by 400k each for me
  3. I put down 4 t7 spy builds and lost 10m plunder
  4. That doesn't seem right at all. Even in PVP my plunder didn't change much
  5. You sure your BR didnt expire lol
  6. its so funny if its true xD
  7. I think devs aren't providing plunder increase for T7 building. An attempt to fight inflation I assume.
  8. Oh you wanted more gold for stats??

  9. Depends on the epic battle your hitting. The stronger you are, the bigger EB you'll need to hit. I've only been able to hit HTE so far, but the plunder has jumped about 20m
  10. Plunder for spies has decreased on both hte and TS with the new spy buildings.

    If new buildings are making spy builds too strong for the preexisting high end EB's, then it's time for new EB's.
  11. Plunder has been dropping 100,000 per new spy build :( hitting hte
  12. I do have a total of 12% plunder bonus, but I did built 6 Kraken pits (balanced), and my fh in SS went from 166m to about 174m. Haven't hit any other EB yet.
  13. Decreased plunder only seems to be effecting PS.

    It's likely not a relative strength issue bc attack builds plunder is increasing and they have more cs and have a higher CR than their PS counterparts.

    So either it's an intentional plunder nerf for spies or an oversight by the devs.

    Which is it KAW?
  14. I just put down 2 Abyssal Spy Buildings and my plunder went up 10 mil per hit on HTE.

  15. Sooooo why post?
  16. Good. Money or power. You shouldn't get both. Too much gold in the game as is since EBs replaced pvp as the norm . Better if T7 lowers plunder IMO.
  17. 5mil increase for atom and 100,000 decrease in plunder for me per abyssal spy build ,can anyone offer an explanation? devs would be nice to know why this is ,ty
  18. Atom is a smaller build and also has some attack buildings. This seems to be an issue only for bigger hansels.