new building "Gold Mine"

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  1. Here is a suggestion on a new type of building.

    The gold mine
    The gold mine has no actual stats other than it increases overall plunder at a fixed percentage, including ally bonus. Suggested 3-4%, or an upgradeable version starting at 2% going to 4%, upgraded 0,5% each upgrade.

    As it would be a late build building it should only be built on hf lands.

    The benefit is obvious better earnings but as it is a percentage of existing plunder each additional gold mine has a slight lesser effect. And it will aldo have a breakeven where another building is equal to a mine.

    The strategic choice
    Each gold mine affects the total CS of your build, so how would you trade more gold compared to less strength?
    As it generates a percentage and is an obvious building for banks or similar. Would you dare to have your "bank" less towered be able to generate gold faster?
    The meaningfulness to scout unknown Kingdoms searching for those gold miners increases.

    The cost of the building
    A suggestion is 500b for the one not upgradeable or for the upgradebles, same as existing 5lvls of hf lands.

    I believe this will increase the overall strategic choices for both the individual player and warring clans. Making the game more fun.
  2. Wouldn't be too bad I guess...

  3. I actually like this and since it is base on a percentage on other buildings there is a fine line at how many mines will actually increase the gold although with the extra gold people could cover their smaller strength just from allies so I am on the fence about this idea
  4. So this is for sh? On on hf which is where sh have nothing built also don't have towers so there increase would also be higher no support 
  5. This would be implemented after sh has been killed off. 
  6. There will always be a new exploit build kaw can't destroy them they make a change and just create a new one 
  7. No support. Already too much gold in kaw. Inflation is ridiculous.
  8. Hoarfrost gold rush? xD
  9. I'd support something similar but not on hoarfrost. People will have trillions invested into the buildings already. Kind of unfair on them. Maybe something like this would work: click on castle and it gives you the option to go inside of it. There you can invest in your kingdom. You can invest in things like gold mine, Mage (increase enchant %), faster regen of troops etc. the effects last 6hours and you can only choose one.
  10. So like a normal building but you don't get a stats increase

    Waste of gold
  11. If you want a gold there are thousands of games out there offering that. Go play them and leave KaW.
  12. Not a bad idea fire... Castle upgrades with a really high price tag since there is too much gold now (apparently) I always want more gold though...
  13. No support
    Smells like Clash of Clans
  14. No support
  15. No support clash of clans suck
  16. Haha inc. Steals from op, 11/13. Guess he wants to play. :)
  17. Id like to ask how is this like clash of clans? I have it and the gold mines produce gold while youre gone there, while hes suggesting a percent increase as you attack