New Battle Feature - Bounties

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by sgtdole, Aug 17, 2014.

  1. It is very likely just me, but I feel like Kingdoms At War has the potential to get more interesting if bounties were included. It could just be another side feature of the game, like the "hire", "chat" and "follow" tabs on a user's profile. Sort of like "World War" by Storm 8. A user could simply go to a target's profile, and set a bounty on them, and then somebody can go to the "(Active) Bounties" tab on home page, and execute the bounty. I think it would create another exciting part of KaW, and make the PvP aspect of KaW reinnovated.
  2. hmm…
  3. Or people would whine about setting bounties on people instead of farming.
  4. Support- It could be a great way to grow fast and get some quick cash
  5. How exactly would this be implemented?
  6. Example: (sgtdole is mad that aerialgunner is attacking him, and either isn't big enough to retaliate, or just wants someone else to do the dirty work). So sgtdole clicks on Aerial gunner ' s profile, hits "set bounty" and sets a price (2 billion gold), clicks done. (RANDOMUSER1 decides to check active bounties by clicking "bounties" tab on home page). RANDOMUSER1 sees bounty on Aerialgunner for 2bil gold, and without thinking, executes and gets the gold.

    *A whole new way to distribute gold*.

    *obviously should be a limit (24hrs) of setting bounties. *
  7. What did he do to get the gold?
  8. Just your regular gold, from ebs and battles.
  9. Totally support the bounty ideas . You can do that on this one computer game u download the client and play online. Cronous I believe it was , those who farm you, if your too tiny And so is you clan, just set a bounty and once someone finishes the job , they get paid . Awesome IDEA
  10. Obviously everyone else can mix this up to their liking, I just wanted to get the idea out there. It won't be perfect at first
  11. To exploitable won't ever happen
  12. Need more effort put into your forum tho, it's not fully thought out, no is it colorful lol
  13. So the first to attack gets bounty?
  14. I think the first to pin would get bounty
  15. what is your definition of "execute"? Is it just pinning someone, or ?
  16. If someone self pinned themselfs no one would get the bounty
  17. No support, easily abused.
    People can transfer gold to their alts that way
  18. Execute = pin. I don't see how it could be more abused than any other feature? You can't stop everything?
  19. how about you only see people (and can only hit people) your size in active bounties.
  20. Actually, that's a great idea!!! Well thought