New Banner Upgrade Info

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  1. Cost of Basic Banner : 50 Volana’s/Trader’s Medallions

    Level 1 : 1 Sky Continent Token
    Level 2 : 5 Sky Continent Tokens
    Level 3 : 10 Sky Continent Tokens
    Level 4 : 20 Sky Continent Tokens
    Level 5 : 50 Sky Continent Tokens

    Credit to AliGhost for providing data
  2. If the banners take trader’s tokens to upgrade then what are tokens of the sky contingent for?
  3. Typo, meant to put those
  4. Volana medallions and trader medallions combine to form into banners (50 of one type = banner). These are tradable.

    Sky continent tokens (this thread) are used to upgrade those two banners. Not sure if tradable, but my instinct is to guess they're not.

    Trade tokens are used to buy sky continent tokens and other items, like land crestplates, from the defense section of the market. These are not tradeable.
  5. Does anyone know the banner stats?
  6. It's small and in green.

    Atk/volana: 4.75%/4.75%/3.75%/3.75% at max level
    Spy/traders: 3.75%/3.75%/4.75%/4.75% at max level
  7. Just wanted to say thanks for the helpful info. 
  8. I might be wrong I think amber is asking per level.
  9. Again another event that favours the cheating multi alt account players that have ruined the game further. Devs should have made all tokens non tradeable.
  10. Then it would be a pay to win event and people would be complaining about that lol
  11. There's really 2 options for this event.

    1.) Have enough alts to make the free chests actually drop enough amongst multiple accounts to compensate for the small % drop rate from them for a single account to get a banner.

    2.) Pay to open royal chests.

    So yes, this is simultaneously pay to win whilst also rewarding account massing and use.

  12. Not really lol. Just transmute the equipment u get from the event and trade for enough tokens for the banner. Easily obtainable
  13. Wheres your banner jiffy?
    You do not have one right?
    Banners take 50 medallions. The minimum price is 1.5b charms for that. You get like 400-600mcs from event items, if you are lucky?
  14. Speaking from an alt that looks like it farms charms only reinforces my point. :lol: