New (and Familiar) Faces!

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  1. Don't speak for me.
  2. Wait - you guys have actual names? :shock:

    Now how are we supposed to badmouth "the devs" when you do something we don't like?
  3. I'm glad to see you are getting more personal but will you get more active? Secondly when can we expect something new like a new eb. Don't get me wrong I love the money but with events being the only thing new it's getting boring
  4. Please refer to the joke thread about the forums update. Names are cool, forum colors and layout need some( okay maybe a little more than some) work.

    Also where to find information about your engineering internships would be nice.
  5. Nice. Can we join your clan or is it restricted?
  6. I must say I do like the idea and I hope the developers take a more active roll with the players, (still coming back into the game so that may be the case and I don't know) the whole format of your names does seem a bit familiar perhaps inspiration from jagex's Mod ____ system?

  7. Anybody notice the very first eb on history is Spragga Lives?

  8. I want mike 
  9. I have to say giving anyone the right to easily quote any post maybe not such a great idea.
  10. :roll:
    Your nub is showing...

    Seriously doe Grant, how much for immunity?
  11. How is my nub showing I mean, the code wasn't that hard and now you have people quoting massive sections of text with little original texted added and it's basically glorified spam.
  12. Well, hopefully you let us know what you don't like first instead of just badmouthing us. But, if we really screw up, you can #BlameBruce :p (Only kidding, Bruce is awesome)

    We'll have more people around, so with that will hopefully come more activity here. As for upcoming content, I can't say much at the moment other than that there's something to look up to :p

    Don't worry, more people will be popping around in the near future :)
  13. Where did you get that?
  14. @prime look at the previous page of the thread someone quoted the entire first post then added their own two word response.

  15. Yes I know, and if you played Kaw more than once every few years you would know that we've had the quote button for ages.. Also, this isn't Twitter, I know you're talking to me.. If you don't agree with people quoting the OP do something about it instead of complaining about things that can't and won't be changed..

    The more
    You know 
  16. It's a conspiracy sneaky decoys
  17. Sooo,thanks grant for the heads up on new lands.
  19. I noticed the "look up" in italics. I guess it is sky lands, right?