New Additions to the Warring System

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  1. Hey forumers,

    I would like to share an idea regarding wars. Last September the devs killed pwars by eliminating the war tax awarded at the end of a war. I was/am personally against that decision but I understand why they made that change in that game. This idea I'm about to share offers a way to have pwars come back but in a way so the osf doesn't make an unfair amount of gold. And also a way to encourage real wars too.

    To begin, a war declaration could have three ways. The first way would be just regular mithril reward war. The second way would be a just like the mithril war except it pays out gold reward at the end of the war. The third would be a pwar option. All options would have the standard 12/24/48 hour war option times and war incoming times.

    First, I have no need to explain the current mithril reward war since that's just the current war we have. I'm here to explain the other two war ideas. The "gold reward war" would be just like the old systems wars we had a year ago. Now I know what you're thinking "'re an idiot! The gold payout was taken out for a reason." well here's the kicker, there would be no forfeit option in the "gold reward war". That's right, you can't forfeit so that means no letting the osf collect a massive check at the end of the war. Also, in this style of war only a 20% war tax on attacks/steals is taken/rewarded. This option would allow winning war clans to earn GOLD instead of mith :D

    Second, the pwar option. This war has an automatic forfeit to the osf clan 1 min before the war timer ends. The osf will only receive 5% of the total plunder from the hitters side. I think letting the osf get only 5% is a fair amount since it is quite a bit of work being an osf but it isn't an insane amount. The old war system had flaws in it, LB clans could run a pwar and have a net plunder of 1T then the forfeit would make the osf 200b. This new idea would only allow the osf to make 50b in that case. A much more reasonable amount. But don't get me wrong, not all clans were raking in 1T net plunder lol. A 500b net plunder gives the osf 25b. And so on. No need to point out what they'd make. All in all 5% is a fair percentage and a win-win. This also allows EB's to still be competitive (even better). The point of having this pwar option is to allow clans to take a break from EB's, bring back the old pwars, and allow the bigger clans who aren't Tournament Warring something to do on weekends when they don't have enough people to run SR, FoD, ect. Or give clans something to run over big holidays that don't require someone to manage items, recruit for help, and so on.

    Well...this is just an idea I came up with. I'm open to positive and negative feedback. Feel free to share your own ideas as well. Thanks for your time :)
  2. I liked pwars too, wish devs would bring them back, but they won't.

    Even slightly altered.
  3. But a reward for osf of 2.5%
  4. And take away all ebs but the first 3 tiers 
  5. Oh and with 5% plunder you won't catch me osfing for you lmao. I make more in EB's.

    Won't happen
  6. True. But if you osf'd for a bigger clan that netted 500b gold. You'd get 25b in tax. Percentages could be decided by the devs on what would be reasonable. Maybe 8-9%?
  7. Interesting...I would say maybe refine your pitch a bit...and then present it to the devs...? 
  8. I agree with you 100% but I also feel that any clan member should be able to declare war on other clans ,and that when you successfuly win a war thier military should become yours as well as there kingdom it would make your clans more productive.
  9. Really like the idea about not being able to ff, support  email it to the devs and see what they have to say
  10. Pwars were killing the game. Why would you want them back? They weren't even fun. What the devs need to do is improve the war system. They already have a good "make money" system.
  11. Support. Maybe 7.5%? And pwars no fun!?!? You must be kidding me!! Pwars were the best social acitivity in this game!
  12. @Homedawg: Yes? So, instead of a worthless post that does not concern the idea presented in this thread, why not be helpful and come up with a genius solution?

    @OP: Not being able to forfeit a war - No idea why this hasn't been implemented already. Support!
  13. Hmm, not sure if I support or not, couldn't everyone just leave so then it forfeits? They're interesting ideas though bud
  14. In a way I support...but needs some recap on some details.
  15. @dawg EB's would still be around. Just pwars would be back too. You don't have to be in a pwar

    @joe once you're active in the war you couldn't leave. That would fix that loophole
  16. I agree with homedawg, I started going on FC last week and ive stopped going on it already due to pwars.
  17. Hmm I suppose, so a bit like summer wars. Would encourage teamwork aswell to pin leaks, email to devs bud, forumers can't do anything
  18. Support! I like the idea of having a better way to war with other clans. It's lame and nobody wants to war how it is now. Love the idea