new 40k banners are bugged

Discussion in 'Questions/Feedback' started by pk79, Nov 3, 2018.

  1. Description says 2% in the legend but when you unlock it and use it it’s only 1.5%
  2. Does two percent for me. Maybe you can’t maths.
  3. Maybe you looking at wrong banner
  4. Devs claim it’s a rounding error

    Ya...they rounded up what they advertised and rounded down what actually dropped. 
  5. Got same issue
  6. Having same issue
  7. Isn’t a mathematics issue. It literally states the percent you fool.
  8. Thank you. Very helpful.
  9. Support
  10. Lol.

    But yea, what’s up with the numbers being off?
  11. Op is correct

    the 40k flag is 2/2/2/2%

    but equipped is 1.5% all round

    It's an issue because it's supposedly ug next event...

    fix it dev pls
  12. While I'm at it slight 'moan at dev'

    the main 'eb fairies' event gives 4% banner for top ten and 3% top 50/100


    if you do the war event where stats are meaningful to have, there's no % banner on offer yes top 10 get a pet whooop but there's no power reward for those that....well do war makes no sense right?

    It's back to front dev!?

    Give those that chase the war event the top banners 4 and 3% they're the ones that will use it and will therefore chase it see?? is logic...