Never have I ever.

Discussion in 'Activities' started by Valliant_Zombi, Jun 22, 2015.

  1. But at least I taste good. And even as a "moldy hunk of cow milk" I can still spell the word zombie correctly.
  2. If only we were that lucky.
  3. Shut up op. We play this at school everyday.
  4. I spelled Zombie and Valiant wrong on purpose! I was making my name unique!
  5. um.. i was supposed to get points..
  6. That's not unique at all! Technically, that's bad grammar.
  7. So is caps on you're whole name.
  8. You will get points if you were to seriously play.
  9. Speaking of which, where are our points? We earned them fair and square I would say. Me and PRAETORIAN followed the rules you stated clearly in the op.
  10. never have i ever been trolled as hard as Valliant_Zombi
  11. Never have I ever cared about what you had to post.
  12. I have also never cared about what he has posted.
  13. close but i think it should have been something along the lines of:
    "never have i ever been trolled as hard as Valliant_Zombi either"
    do they still get points op?
  14. I went back and saw yours and lol'ed hard. xD

    That being said... I want points :(
  16. All got 1,000,000,000,000 points!
  17. Lmfao.