Nefarious! I'm calling you out!

Discussion in 'Other KaW Discussion' started by MutatedLlama, May 5, 2015.

  1. Bahaha

    Op is troll, pro troll !
  2. Attacking ppl is not right... But I want you all to attack nefarious because he attacked someone.
  3. Anyone else wondering if Llama is actually Nefarious's discontent alt? This is too artistic to be true... surely...

  4. Daphnia for mod! Oh wait...
  5. Ohh emm gee there's a mean man on the Internet! Better go cry! 
  6. No support.
  7. No, but your momma does. You even admitted it on your own thread. Sheesh.
  8. I suspect its his alt,publicity.
  9. This is an obvious troll, probably nefarious' alt looking for attention.
  10. Support
  11. I feel as though this whole post from op is a bait to everyone no one in their right mind hops on forums and complains about people hitting other people, or perhaps nafarious is OP AND making him self sound awesome
  12. This better be a troll...
  13. This noob couldn't possibly be my alt. I don't have an alt actually.
  14. If I did have an alt anyways, it definitely wouldn't be straight attack build. That's what this account is for. I would make it probably straight spy guild.
  15. Lol noob is trying to cover his tracks after being found out. 
  16. No I'm being serious. Not my alt. I don't have an alt. Not planning on getting one anytime soon either.
  17. Can we all just agree that either OP is an alt, or a whiney noob and leave it at that? If you're going to say that someone who attacked you in a WAR GAME should be farmed because of it, take care of it yourself, if you can't do that, get bigger. Handle your own issues like the rest of us
  18. Exactly
  19. Daphnia can you forum ban op?
  20. Do u mean she has to ban u ?