Need to be brought up to date

Discussion in 'Questions/Feedback' started by Redundis, Dec 24, 2014.

  1. I haven't played since August / September due to various circumstances and am planning on my return. Can I please get an update on changes made in the game?

    It didn't feel appropriate to put this in question thread and I apologize for this not being the best thread.

    Thanks 
  2. Who gives a ****
  3. No changes. Everything is le same, just a new promo... Trust me, you haven't missed a thing
  4. You missed new lands and t8
  5. By January you'll be dead broke if you like to spend money. 
    I've already spent $67,000 in the time I've played here.
  6. I for some reason don't believe that 
  7. Yeah. He is a year behind. 2 new lands and t10
  8. N8 stop being a noob
  9. And 250% hte promo for a week
  10. Alright, doesn't look like to much. Just some promo's/events. Thanks everyone.