Need members for my clan

Discussion in 'Wars' started by among, Aug 30, 2018.

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  1. I need 15 or members for my clan to start a battle.
  2. post this in wc and start an eb nobody wants to be in clan doing nothing
  3. It's littlary doing nothing because you can't until you have members.
  4. ^ that’s kind of funny yet not funny at the same time
  5. Hello there, Among!

    I have just read your post. Please allow me to gently ask further questions!

    1) Why do you need 15 members to start an epic battle? As far as I know, even 1 member alone can defeat a Warbeasts!

    2) What are your aims, or objectives that you want to achieve out of creating your clan named Among?

    3) Do you feel confident, and 100% sure you are ready to put your energy, time and commitment to building up your clan and not disband halfway? You will be expected to face people who would not join your clan due to them either being happy with theirs, or that they're too busy on their own thing! This is a giant obstacle for a leader!
  6. Gently ask?????
  7. Low effert thread. Try recruiting for wc. Or put some effert into it. Thanks

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.