Need help recovering Account

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by --GummyBear--, Oct 9, 2019.

  1. hi I need help recovering my account. I've tried emails and I even created an account to use to get in touch with devs. I've been playing for 6+ years and would love to get access to my acct
  2. Please send a ticket in to support. Tickets are accessed via the little ape head on KaW homepage on droid, and I think a feedback button on iOS? Been a while since I've been on Apple, sorry 😅 support will be able to help you through the recovery process.
  3. I tried that and Everytime for the past 2 days it would say "invalid session" so I thought maybe someone would help me figure out what to do
  4. I tried using the ape head as well because I need help in recovering an old account and when I try to send a message all I get is "invalid session" message.
  5. Have you tried force closing the KaW app and then trying again?