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  1. North America Star Wars! They're coming!

    Great work on the time slots devs, you've taken away the chance of those who are on the leaderboard that worked hard for it that are outside of the PDT time zone by more than 5 hours effectively giving them no chance at getting those pretty badges you're offering.

    I honestly think that they don't try to compensate for the rest of the world when creating the schedule. The Aussies and Asians are the most screwed over population in this game, EE war times don't favour them at all, and not do events (be it a hunt or eb gold increase promotion) as they're asleep for the most part.
  2. They run the wars by their schedules which is PDT. If that's how they want to do it, eh. Nothing we can really do about it.
  3. I'm just happy on on the west coast :/

    Kinda sucks for Europe and Asia though
  4. If they want to eliminate a lot of the world that's their prerogative but it's in detriment to the game.
  5. It is quite unfortunate that the wars seem to exclude the Asians and Europeans from the ASW, maybe the devs will come up with a way to give the eroupeans, Asians and the Americans an equal chance at the ASW badges. by possibly having the quarter finals at different times so as to give all continents an equal chance, and the same with the semi finals. instead of haveing one time have two times for each. then the only time that would be hard for Europe and Asia would be the Finals
  6. No matter what they do someone will be at a disadvantage... Deal with it
  7. Yes but it is always the Aussies and Asians getting the short end of the stick when it comes to war times
  8. I was thinking of Star Wars by George Lucas....
  9. Disappointing us Aussies are always get screwed over by the devs. The EE timeslots are appalling! Not to mention that Americans seals cost $2.00 whilst Aussies cost around $8.00 on the App Store (yes I am aware of different dollars but the prices are still extremely high). Devs need to help us over here because KaW just fell out of the 200 apps in Australia for the first time ever! Give us some love devs!!
  10. I think american seals are closer to $6.00 actually..
  11. ️ had a mate just go over to USA recently and he said the prices were around $2.00? Apologies if I am wrong ️
  12. Easy sign up and go inactive lol u will still get your badge I'm sure a lot will
  13. I don't like rikki. But I agree with him here... Being Aussie, I never even bothered with Estoc.
  14. Yea I'm in UK and it's when we are sleeping
  15. I wish I could pay 2$ a seal but for 20 usd you get 3 seals so you do the math as far as the asw it should be 24 hrs long spanning 3 days like it use to be
  16. Never paid less than $6.00 usd per seal. Or farm them for free from ebs
  17. Do you really want spend the whole weekend on this?
  18. One solution: don't sleep if you want the badge that badly :lol:
  19. Yeah, $6.00 USD per seal
  20. What about the war down under