Name the next Sveruganti

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  1. Let's have some fun and get those creative juices flowing. We don't know when it will come but we do know it will be here eventually.

    The point of this thread is simple, just offer a name for the next sveruganti along with its acronym and a description of the beast. If you want you can even suggest some ideas for stages in the eb or special bars to complete. If you dont want to create one then you can vote for other peoples creations and after a while we can tally up to see who won.(The only prize will be having your ego fluffed by your fellow kawers)

    I'll go first

    KOTA- Khorano of the abyss
    After hundreds of years of laying dormant your expeditions in the depths have awoken the guardian of the abyss, Karanos. Its aquatic environment has allowed it to grow to an unimaginable size. A mouth capable of inhaling entire fleets and creating massive whirlpools that are impossible to escape. The centuries of deep sea coral and crustaceans growing on its body provide it with an armor unlike any your armies have seen before. Strengthened by the massive pressures of the deep, even your strongest warriors can not pierce it.

    Special bars-

    First phase: find a way to weaken its armor so your armies can damage the beast. This is a regenerating bar that you need to drain before you can hit the other bars in the phase. Use an item like the mystical hammer to weaken the armor then att/ass the other bars

    The hidden treasure: The armor has been destroyed and as the last piece falls off you see a pearl. At the end of the first phase there is an bar with 1 health that you need to steal. Its similar to the tinker gem bar in goth

    The rest would be a regular eb with maybe some scout bars idk.

    Ok go for it everyone
  2. SOTA
    Saltyfeet of the abyss

  3. Suport!
  4. Turd Ferguson
  5. Snoop Dogg of the Abyss. Your troops enter into a foggy valley. You must use Orb of Illumination in order to see through the mist. As you fight the eb, you need to keep using various options to keep your troops from getting too high and collapsing.

    Half of attacks and scouts will fail due to the units attacking hallucinations from all the weed.

    The main bar will be from 100% to 10% during which your soldiers and spies will have to attk
    /assassinate the MB which will be sending them to smoke the biggest blunt ever. Once at 10%, you can attack Snoop Dogg himself.

  6. what kinda weed u be smoking to be seeing hallucinations? the type with crack on right?
  7. Probably, I dunno
  8. Hit boxing an entire valley. Now that's a ton-o-weed 

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