My Time as an OSW Mole

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  1. As many of you know, WDGAF has been in osw for a few months, with one of the clans being Cas. This thread is not meant to be an osw trash talk thread, just a little bit of fun I created in the midst of war.

    So there I was sitting in pin, and an idea popped into my head.


    For anyone that has been in a large alliance war, you can confirm that nobody knows everybody. People start to visit other clans and meet the rest of their alliance. So my thought was if I threw on Resilience tags, I could maybe sneak into the clan P-n-o-y Finest for a little bit, and maybe poke fun at the atk build in there that hits me 100+ times a day.


    Resilient_Brew was born.

    So I set out on my Pnoy journey, but unfortunately they keep their joins disabled. So I turned my attention towards another enemy clan, Cas. Now, Cas. didn't show me as much osw love as my Pnoy friends, but I figured I could Still have some fun.


    I was in!!!! What should I do? Play it safe and try to go unnoticed, or act like I was everyones long lost friend. I decided to try and kind of play the almost inactive card and hope nobody would talk to me.


    Apparently though, these guys like being nice to the enemy, so I had to interact.

    Now this being a spur of the moment thing, I realized it wouldn't last long due to the numerous links I had around to kaw, and the fact that my Pnoy friend manages to find me every time I go visit a new clan. My clannie pointed out to me though that my wall was covered in WDGAF, and I needed to get it covered unless I wanted this to be a 5 minute trip. So like many osw noobs have done, I went with spamming my own wall.


    Not suspicious right?

    A few minutes later, I received a great pm.


    Could it be?!


    It was!!!! Ideas started running through my head of kicking members, making funny clan pages, and general havoc. I decided to hold back though, thinking that if they figured me out, I might have time to leave some trouble before I was gone.

    Seeing as I was already in cc, I decided to join the locals in talking about how I like to attack people too (because that's what we in osw clans do).


    Went with a safe bet, using my clan owners name to gain their respect :cool:

    Shortly after, something happened that I had been expecting.


    I got pinned by my alliance. Me being a new name in Cas., I'm sure they were only to anxious to invite me to the party.

    Now during this time, I had been hitting the eb as well (hte) and was extremely satisfied in the fact that the enemy was putting money right into my pocket.


    Even managed top plunder :D. I would like to thank Lublu for dropping that seal, and you can be assured that whopping 34b was passed up for a strip.

    Then things got interesting. Around this time, there was a 4t strip being put into motion. Generally around the time of a decent strip, incoming is lowered as people are getting their spies ready, and some people start throwing up mith. One of the members noticed these signs, and let his opinion be heard in cc. Now knowing that there was about to be a strip, and Cas. was running roster checks on alliance clans, I had to do something.


    That's right, the strip coming up was in Resilience, so I decided to take it upon myself to let them know resilience was not being stripped. Being a mole was so fun! The strip went on, and from our side was a success (the enemy wouldn't agree though).

    Now before I went to bed, I had this feeling like I should just cause my havoc and get out of there. A funny clan page would be a better ending than just getting kicked out randomly, but I decided I could make it another day or two. Should have listened to my gut.

    The next morning, shortly after I woke up I see this.


    Gwan being one of the war commanders in my clan, I don't even have to tell you how excited I was that I was going to be able to interrupt this strip. After a few pm's didn't his attention, I let one of our war rooms know something was going on.


    I had saved the day...or so I thought. A few minutes later...


    They were playing me!!!! As you can see, I was dropped and immediately received inc from a good 6-8 people. All my fun ideas of clan pages and kicking members were gone :x

    So the question is now, how far do you think I got before they figured it out? Was I setup and dropped immediately, or did they play it out for a while? I personally think it was figured out overnight when I was sleeping, but LiuBel claims he knew from the start. What are your thoughts?

    Again, this thread is meant just to be a little entertainment in the middle of a long osw, not a "ermygerd you noobs pin on ebs and never hit us", from either side.
  2. Posted with an alt because doing this on a phone would drive me crazy.
  3. Think they checked our war history bud, Resilient_Brew was #4 in plunder a few days ago. U picked a great time to Rambo in ee, lol.
  4. Lol, sweet. I've been a mole before, but never on that level.
  5. coulda gna either way. :)
  6. Lol a mole that achieved nothing  and then makes a post that shows he broke tou by impersonating a Res member to falsely gain access to an RCA clan 

    All RCA please refrain from posting on this thread 
  7. Yeah they likely caught it overnight. Surprised it wasn't caught sooner. You picking a cool name and all...haven't seen a name that cool with those tags...ever. 

    SN: I'd like liu to fact check. That chick ain't got 2/3 stls on me this whole war. That's from her main and that weak spy she uses.

    Nice write up btw. I'm sure resilient_gooftroop will be here to tell you that you missed a comma somewhere, and that your shortcomings in the grammar dept are just cause for you to not be allowed to play this 9 y/o game. 

  8. so who's winning?
  9. Anyone in osw :)
  10. How is that against tou?
  11. Beautiful thread tnt :lol:
  12. It's not, but if some people can't handle humor then that's their problem.
  13. LLAMF at wampo crying over ToU! 

    Then has the pebbles to talk smack and then command his minions from rca to stay off this thread!  Great "leader" right there!

    Let's be honest are a little upset because the aforementioned strip And we know it was a success, don't we, sweetheart? 

    Therefore, your previous comment about how TNT "accomplished nothing" is a false statement. If he wouldn't have claimed the resilience roster check, it could've been caught. Doesn't take a genius to figure that out.

  14. i've been seein the strips and resets. i've seen 10t strips on an account in pinoy's finest. you got a count? just askin.
  15. forgive me. i mean no disrespect. just curious. :)
  16. Non taken mate, I just don't wanna put numbers out because it'll start a big "we catch all strips, you guys never catch strips" debate .

  17. It's against TOU to impersonate a player, not a member of a clan...
  18. I think it's a funny thread. Obviously took some thought and props to those folks for catching you. Of course, there could be a mole in your pal room, which is how you got caught.  Traps within traps within traps. Good luck all!
  19. 

    "Zara in unleashed, i tap dat ass all day" lmaooo 