My stance with kaw, PvP

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  1. Actually it not a fact,but believe what u want mate, I tried not to believe it when I was told you tried to cut a deal with MG not to hire your allies, but hey, who knows now? Could be just as true as the crap you're saying about me.

    So you're gonna run a bar in me? I'm like soooo scared right now. A whole bar from a mid sized hansel. How will I ever survive? 
    Personally,I'm keeping the truce until told not to
  2. Yeah mid sized hansel on a failed midsized ee build seems fair....yes I ask my osw opponent not to hire my allies and they didn't It was very nice of them
  3. Lol I generally don't beg my opponents for a cf, but to each his own.
  4. You generally run/don't participate in off system PvP
  5. Lol and how would you know that? Stalk much?
  6. I was stripped 3 times in 2014. Unlike you I don't beg my enemies to protect my precious allies.
  7. Yes I begged not to be stripped...seems legit
  8. glad you agree.
  9. Don't worry Chubbs. Lots of players who can't hack it in EE go around claiming to be PVP superstars.
  10. I don't like ee I just don't but yeah I've funded and stripped many,kept ca pinned, helped my clan in ran from osw sooooo.....
    You ran from osw to lose many ee wars? K den
  11. Lol whut? You're English is getting worse and worse.

  12. Yes mad as this young toad failing to SKO[​IMG]
  13. Can't blame you for not liking EE. I generally hate the things I suck at too.

    As for the rest, from what I hear MG got almost no incoming from you. I guess that's the price you paid for your secret little ceasefire. I'm glad I've never sold out my clanmates like that.
  14. So many unsubstantiated claims. Mainly just a smear campaign, you would do well running for political office.

  15. I agree. Chubby decided to make it personal and smear me on the forums, I just asked around to get info to return the favor. I don't want to be talking smack about anyone. Lord knows why he is so worried about an OSW he wasn't in. I think I've bored people long enough with this, so I'll stop posting. Cheers mate. ️
  16. Let's be honest anyone with any sort or relevance in this game has some story about them. Whether you apparently ran from a war or apparently made a secret cf, you wouldn't be relevant if you didn't.
  17. Chubby made a secret cf with me. He wasn't allowed to hook up with any fat girls for a month
  18. No Support. B4 hte it was b2b haunts anyways. Nothings changed
  19. o_O_____Fraud_____o_O for chump of the year? Gets my vote
  20. Alright children, we can stop the petty insults.

    Honestly just making you both look like idiots. And you're both better than that